Every component in every plant has a finite lifespan.

Over the last three decades, Barnhart has built an impressive nuclear project resumé. Our team of nuclear experts includes personnel with backgrounds from both the construction and operations side of the nuclear industry. Barnhart's experience has brought the kind of innovative design and execution that makes money in reducing Critical Path during outages and improving ALARA in handling components in containment.


The unique nature of nuclear power plants presents opportunities:


Life extension, uprates and major maintenance require the handling of major components within the plants. To perform this work during planned outages, a thorough knowledge of both major construction techniques, as well as the demanding requirements of nuclear protocol are required. Barnhart has developed unique tools and methods to perform the movement of major equipment such as:

This experience offers operators the peace of mind knowing that Barnhart will meet and exceed expectations for schedule, safety and ALARA. Clients can be certain they have chosen a company that knows the way through the nuclear environment.


Rigging supervision, lift planning, site transportation services, crane services and more can be provided through our team of professional supervisors, engineers and project managers. The expertise of Barnhart helps insure the safety, quality and timely completion of plant outages. Additionally, we are often called upon to participate in the "Readiness Planning" of various operating plants. These plans serve to limit downtime during emergency outages by having in place engineering, rigging plans, transportation surveys and custom tools associated with critical components such as transformers, reactor coolant pumps and turbine rotors.


Barnhart is a leader in the handling of major components associated with nuclear plant decommissioning. We minimize the cost of erecting and testing the handling equipment. This is the distinguishing mark of a Barnhart project. Analysis of existing structures, modular lifting equipment and clever rigging systems minimize risk and improve the ALARA associated with these difficult rigging projects.

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Experience and certification for Hazmat service, Barnhart brings a working knowledge to handling over the road trucking of critical equipment associated with the nuclear power production. Movement of reactor coolant pumps, turbine rotors and other components receive the attention of a professional team that understands the needs of the industry. Barnhart's Heavy Lift Terminal in Memphis serves as a transfer point for items bound for the decontamination and waste processing facilities of RACE and Duratek.


Barnhart provides warehousing services to support the Pooled Inventory Management (PIM) Program administered by Southern Company. The PIM program is a mechanism for nuclear plant owners to jointly procure and store spare generating equipment. The emergency equipment is useable by two or more operators and is stored and maintained centrally at the Barnhart facility in Memphis. Permanent PIM management reside at the storage facility coordinating the maintenance and handling of the emergency equipment by Barnhart personnel.

Barnhart also offers a traditional heavy component storage of major machinery such as turbines, generators and transformers. The storage facility is located on the Mississippi River serviced by Barnhart's 1,250 derrick crane with site rail access to four Class I railroads.



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